Wednesday, September 23, 2009

City Council Meeting 9/22/09

Last evening council meeting started off with a safety report from the Chelan County Sheriff's Office. Since the City of Leavenworth doesn't have their own Police Department, they contract with the Sheriff's Office for law enforcement needs. The Sheriff's Office will be adding extra deputies to the city during Oktober Fest this year, and they may bring the DUI trailer over from Wenatchee as well.

Mike Mitchell, of Leavenworth, came before the council and gave a presentation about the Sheriff's Department Volunteer Service program that he's starting up here in town. It will be a great community service in addition to the Sheriff's Department deputy patrols. Mike is going to start recruiting volunteers next week for the program. Each member of the program will go through an extensive background check and training. Once trained, they will be offering services such as vacation home checks while residents are out of town, traffic control, park patrols, radar box placement, parking ticketing if need be, parade patrol, school patrol, etc. When members are on duty they will wear a uniform and ID, and work in pairs. Mike is hoping to use the octagonal building on Highway 2 as their office. He is trying to work out the details with the City's Community Development Department, but has run into a few difficulties with them. Once the program is up and running, they will give the City and council quarterly reports on their work. This program will be an extension of the Sheriff's Office and the Sheriff's Office will assume any liability. This program should be a great success for the City. It doesn't hurt to have extra eyes and ears on our great town.

Local, Mr. George Wagner, is selling the Leavenworth beer wagon, and the City is buying it. They will be using LAP (lodging tax) funds for the purchase, meaning our beloved tourists are purchasing the wagon. Projekt Bayern will be running and storing the wagon for the City.

The Chelan Douglas Health District is currently working with all the area hospitals on a plan for a flu epidemic response.

The council will be going through the City's 2010 budget to find anywhere they may be able to save. Sales revenue is down this year and they need to make sure revenues and expenditures are balanced. The council will also be reviewing the duties and positions of all City staff in order to make sure that staff are located in the correct departments and conducting the correct duties.

The Pubic Works Department will be working on three residential street projects this week and next week.

Gary Moog, of East Wenatchee and member of the Wenatchee Eagles service club, came before the council to discuss to possibility of creating a Wenatchee Eagles Lodge here in Leavenworth.

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