Thursday, September 3, 2009


As more families and individuals recognize the many qualities of our beautiful Cascade mountain town, the demand for housing, commercial space, and community services continue to increase. With our new residents, our community on the whole benefits from increased diversity in our schools to new volunteers and contributors at our festivals. At the same time, population growth and community expansion exert pressures on our current residents, our surrounding natural environment, and our community services as a whole.
In my position at the Chelan County Community Development office, I balance and manage issues surrounding community growth every day. I am already familiar with the current issues facing our town. Additionally, I understand that the ability to reach out and communicate the needs, concerns and desires of all Leavenworth residents, regardless of duration, economic status, or generation. This cross-community understanding is the starting point for any development project; with the support of our valuable community, Leavenworth will see sustainable development and progress for the future.


  1. Unfortunately, I can't vote, but this is up my alley, so I wanted to run a few questions by you. What type of sustainable development do you feel is fitting in a place like Leavenworth? Is the area too small to incorporate urban villages? Are you in favor of looking elsewhere to use sustainable development - such as focusing on making livable streets? Best of luck!

  2. I feel environmental and community sustaining development is needed in Leavenworth. We need to look at viable environmental standards for future development, but also development that meets the diverse housing needs of our diverse community. Leavenworth is lucky to have such a multitude of demographics, but with that diversity comes many challenges. Finding a way to meet the needs of our retired community, full-time year-round professionals, full-time year-round seasonals, seasonals, and 2nd home weekenders is fundamental in retaining them in our community. Retention in turn feeds our local economy and everyone benefits. It is a fine balance, and one that isn't short on challenges. From high-end homes and developments to affordable starter homes to apartment complexes and affordable housing programs, we need to be able to meet all needs.

    I think the urban village concept is a great one, but Leavenworth is currently a pretty small community, home to about 2600 residents within the city limits. There may be the potential for such development in the future, out in what is now our Urban Growth Area or beyond in the County, but for now, the desire is to keep that area more rural.

    Our downtown revitalization plan is working toward livable streets within our business/tourist corridor, as we make them more pedestrian oriented. We are also working on bringing our residential street infrastructure up to a safer standard.