Friday, October 9, 2009

About Me

For those of you who aren't aware, I work as an Environmental Planner for the Chelan County Community Development Department. This means that I do land use permitting on shorelines, like rivers and lakes, and critical areas, like wetlands, streams, and ponds, within the County. My employment puts me in contact with the public on a daily basis, as I take care of complaints, resolve conflicts, as well as provide necessary information and guidance to make their projects successful. As a Planner with Chelan County I believe I can make a difference in someone life everyday, and that is very satisfying. In addition to shoreline and critical area permitting, I also help the public with placing their properties into the Open Space program, for a residential tax break benefit. Working for Chelan County, I build and coordinate inter government relationships regularly. I believe this would be an asset to the council. In my job I see many different people with different backgrounds and situations. I feel this gives me context for different types of people and situations within our community.

In my free time I am heavily involved in the community. I have attended the bi-monthly city council meetings for over a year now. I am a member of Life2 - for a more sustainable Leavenworth, a member of the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust and a Valley Trail committee member, a Trail Washington member, an Autumn Leaf Festival volunteer, and a Stevens Pass Ski Resort events volunteer. It has been important to me to stay involved and stay abreast of the happenings in our town, so that I am be a more effective member of our community.

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