Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day!

In happy anticipation of today, I could not sleep well last night. It's been a long campaign road over the past few months, and I'm exhausted, so you'd think that I would have slept well last night, but no. I'm just so excited to learn the results of the election!

I have known for a long time now that Leavenworth is a very special place, with a great community. That's why I moved here five years ago. But over the course of my campaign as I've knocked on doors, chatted in the grocery stores, talked in the streets, and introduced myself at multiple meetings and organizations, I have truly come to realize the treasure we have in the people that make up our community. I have met and gotten to know so many wonderful people. We are very lucky!

Over the past few months, I have also gotten to know my opponent, Cheri Farivar, better. She is a lovely lady, with a great heart, and a lot to offer our city. I believe Leavenworth wins no matter who takes position #4 on the city council today. May the best woman win! But I really hope that it is me! :)

For those of you who have already voted, I hope that I am lucky enough to represent you on the council for the next four years. And for those of you waiting to vote until Election Day, let me be your candidate, as I strive to represent the many needs and perspectives that make up our community. My vision to contribute to Leavenworth’s continued and future success is based in community wide cooperation involving the many generations of individuals who call this area home. We must not abandon the proven successes of the past, nor should we turn a blind eye to positive changes that pave the road to our continued progress.

Happy Election Day! Whether you are voting for me, which I hope you are, or for Cheri, thank you for voting and taking part in our civic government and the democratic process.

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